Introductory courses

WOPs introductory courses are open to women who are 18 and above;  experienced trampers and beginners are welcome.  The course aims to impart confidence with outdoor activities in a safe and supportive environment so that participants can relax and have fun while learning.

WOPs is a safe environment in which women who may be relatively new to outdoors challenges, can grow in confidence in the outdoors, achieve personal growth, and make wonderful friends while having an amazing amount of fun!

To achieve this and provide a supportive and safe place we have the WOPs ethos of caring and encouragement.

​​​​​​​The WOPs introductory course is where the journey begins.​​​​​​​

Over the 2 days, a feeling of kinship, belonging, nurturing and looking out for each-other is fostered.

This is at the heart of the WOP's philosophy and  is why we ask every prospective member to be welcomed into our WOPs family in this manner.

The two day course is run over two consecutive Saturdays at the beginning of each term and covers:-

Outdoor clothing & equipment
Shelter building
Risk & accident management
Survival skills
Leadership skills
Advice on food & drink in the bush
Recognition & treatment of hypothermia
Map skills
Tramping skills

Day 1:    8.45am until 3.00pm (Community Hall)
Day 2:    9.30am until 2.30pm (Bushwalk)


Course dates 2024

Term 1        24 February and 2 March
Term 2        18 and 25 May
Term 3        10 and 17 August
Term 4        2 and 9 November

Course fee:  $120 including enrolment in the term in which the course is completed.  Costs are subject to change.  

Enrolment:  Select Enrolment for Intro Course tab at the top of the page, complete the enrolment form, submit the form and pay the enrolment fee.  Enrolments are acknowledged by email.  Confirmation of a place, and course details, are sent by email upon receipt of the enrolment fee and with proof of full Covid vaccination status. 

For further information or help enrolling please email:

Course Feedback:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend.  It amazes me how much I need to learn and this was just a small part of the package of knowledge.  It has broadened my love for the outdoors and I have now enrolled to do the bushcraft course in August and September with Mountain Safety.  I think all clubs should apply this code of safety to their agenda.  It’s a valuable asset to have not only as a becoming tramper, but for anyone who wishes to walk our lovely forests."

"Brilliant tutors, great atmosphere created for learning, comfortable pace."

"Interesting variety – clear instructions and well organised."

"Would recommend it to any woman wanting to get out and about in good, safe, fun environment."

"Great venues, content comprehensive, length of course good as need that time to cover all things."

"Re-acknowledged the satisfaction of trying something new and the empowerment and satisfaction this can give."

"The instructors covered a huge amount in the time we had."

"I learned to read a map.  I enjoyed the company of other women.  I loved the enthusiasm of the leaders."

"I gained personal mental time out for myself, getting away from outside worries and stresses.  I also feel far fitter and general overall better health.  A challenge for me to do something different for MYSELF.  Now have the confidence to go on other WOPs tramps."

"Venue excellent.  Content interesting and well presented.  A good balance of theory and practice.  Leadership was excellent.  Managed to achieve co-operation through their manner."

"This has been a marvellous experience.  Think the leaders were wonderful.  Great sense of humour, very helpful, can’t praise them enough!!!"